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Make-Up by Jane Maina

Photography by Zeequeen photography

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Hey beautiful friends.

This post goes out to all my lovely readers who have always wished to slay their make up looks but don’t really know where to start. This post is for you.



I worked with the lovely Jane Maina-Makeup artist extraordinaire. (You can check out my first make up series with her here).For these looks she mainly focused on the eyes. Now, I appreciate the essence of a good shade of eye shadow.(my current obsession)

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I’ve received a lot of questions from some of you on make-up tutorials and lessons.Well, I would not say that my make up skills are perfect but I can share my tips.

I started off with lipstick,eyeliner and mascara since they are the simplest to work with. As time passed by and after watching a million You Tube tutorials, I gained the courage to work with foundation and to be honest, I had those days when my face literally looked white and cakey haha. Also, my skin is super oily so  my face would look like a ball of oil.Well, that was before I realised the power of a primer. YES! Your girl didn’t just wake up with a beat face haha

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You Tube is your best teacher. I watched a lot of tutorials on simple make up for beginners, foundation reviews especially for women of colour. The information was enough.


Pick the right foundation depending on your shade and skin type. Fortunately, you can do this easily with the help of make up attendants in make up stores. Keep it minimal since you are still a beginner. Less is more.

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Take care of your skin before putting on make up, especially if you have acne and it’s not not getting better. Trust me, staying natural really helps.

Start with foundation, eyeliner,mascara and filling in your eyebrows.That is good enough.I still don’t understand the essence of contour and highlight.Why would you want to change the structure of your face and have shiny cheeks?!LOL


As a lady, who has always thought of trying out make-up but is intimated whenever you watch YouTube tutorials or enter  beauty stores with so many make up brands, do not despair!Let’s start this journey together.  I’ll share more tips as I learn more about make-up.

Remember you’re beautiful with all the flaws. Make-up only enhances your natural beauty;it magnifies the beauty that already exists.


Let’s slay together. Besitos..









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